This is a newly redesigned web site. I have had a web presence since 1987. This has mostly been for photographs but I have also included some of my writing. I am currently the volunteer webmaster for two not-for-profit organizations. You can view their sites by clicking the Web Sites tab above. You can learn more about me, by clicking the About tab above.

My Favorite Landscape Photos of 2014

Some of these are close to home and others as far away: California, New Orleans, Vermont, Hudson Valley and, of course, Kansas City. If you roll the cursor over the image, you will be able to click on the icon in the lower lefthand corner and go directly to the Picasa album. If you want to view the landscape photos from 2013, please click here.
If you want to view some of my favorite cell phone photos afrom 2013, click this link.

Up in the Air 2014

Below is a slide show of photos that I have taken this year through windows on airplanes during my trips.  The new FAA rules allow me to use my cameras during takeoff and landing.  I enjoy seeing things from this new--for me--perspective.

Trips, Photos, and Blogs
Trips, Photos and Blogs

With family members located in eight cities other than Rochester in the U.S. and two grandchildren in London, I travel often during the year. If you want to keep tabs on me, you can sign up for my occasional newsletter or my trip blog.

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St. Mary's Mass

We attend St. Mary's Church in downtown Rochester.  This is an inclusive Catholic community with a strong commitment to lay involvement and the values of Vatican II.  Visit the web site.

News and Events

Petition on Lay Preaching gains more than 1700 signatures.

For updates, click here to send an email to keep informed.

The new Bishop of Rochester has ended a 40 year tradition of lay preaching.  In accord with canon law, the previous Bishop exercised his pastoral judgement in a way that made it possible for us to hear the Word broken open by highly educated and experienced lay ministers--both women and men.  Such preaching has enriched the life of the People of God in the diocese.  We have started a petition urging Bishop Matano to reconsider and to respond to our need to hear those most like us express the ways in which God acts in their lives. 

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Upcoming Trips

After a quiet August with no trips, things will begin to get more hectic with upcoming trips. If the trip is a link, it has been completed. Click and see.

You can hear all about those trips by visiting my 2014 Trip Blog.

2014 Trip Blog

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