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This is a blog for my thoughts about religion.  Sometimes I share my reflections on the Old and New Testaments through the daily lectionary readings.  Other times I share reflections on theological issues and the role of religion in our lives.  Currently, I am trying to come to an honest understanding of my own religious convictions. Click here to view the complete blog and use the email link to sign up for notices of new postings.  The following is the most recent posting.

What keeps me from listening to the Divine One?

If the Divine One is in everything and in every event, how is it that I don’t recognize that? How is it that I don’t hear and even listen? It must be that I am not present to the reality around me within which I live and move?

My Blog

Some clarity for this Democrat…but only some.

For the past six months, I have been making monthly contributions to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. I felt she brought an issues-oriented approach to a campaign that could easily descend into emotion and charisma. She was an outstanding debater in high school. She earned a debate scholarship to George Washington University.

Our Trip Blogs

We travel quite a bit both for vacations and to visit our far-flung family.  When we do, I publish blogs about our adventures and some of the interesting places and people we encounter.  The following is my latest offering.  You can click here to see all the blogs over the past several years.

Second Week in North Miami Beach

We began our second week in North Miami Beach with a Weight Watcher weigh in in Hollywood Beach. Emboldened by our positive results, we immediately made for Delaware chicken Farm & Fish Market. You read that right. Chicken farm and fish market.

First Week in North Miami Beach

s Our first week here was spent getting to know the area, shopping for food, finding a YMCA, shopping for clothes and exploring the beach and other activities. Our rental is not much to look at from the outside. The inside is neat, clean and relatively roomy for a one-bedroom mobile home.

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