Advice on Raising Children

The most important thing to remember about giving advice about raising children is not to…unless asked. I am the father of seven nearly perfect children and nothing got me more than someone gratuitously giving me advice on how to raise children.  There was the rare exception of someone who actually had [box style=”1″][alert type=”notice, warning, […]

A new appreciation for health care

Marilyn just returned from 10 days in the hospital with an intestinal blockage.  My appreciation of health professionals increased tremendously.  Since both a son, Liam, and his wife, Marcie, are nurses, you would think I would have known how important their work is but I guess you never really appreciate it until you experience it […]

Does my hair cutter deserve a living wage?

Should I benefit from low wages earned by food, health, and services workers?  Should my haircutter earn a living wage? MIT has developed a living wage calculator that shows what a working family would need to earn to the “income needed to meet a family’s basic needs.  [This] would enable the working poor to achieve financial […]

Family History

Suggestions for documenting family history based on my recent work on family narratives. Family stories will not outlive family members. I have become newly engaged with my family history.  This fall I began work on a set of family narratives focused on my four grand parent family lines:  Pickett, Muir, Platt, and Campbell.  So far […]