Gun Violence

This map shows the location of the 1607 mass shootings that have taken place in the U.S. since the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012.

It is clear that something needs to change.  To do nothing and hope for better is insane.  To make gun laws less restrictive, as has happened in several states, is simply diabolic.  Clearly we need to do something.  What we should do is a question for study and discussion, honest discussion, for us and our politicians.  We might differ on the changes, but we cannot avoid the face that we just cannot carry on.

The photo below is one I took at my mother’s 100th birthday party in 2012.  When I look at all those young people, I am shamed and shocked that we adults have created a system in which these young people have experienced these shootings as commonplace and expectable.  They are often the victims and we need to protect them.  You can click here to read my blog which has some essay about this topic.