At its simplest, prayer is a conversation with God, in which I both express my thoughts, feelings, fears, joys, and thanks and in which I listen to God speaking to me. The listening to God is the tricky part. It requires silence, peace, and deep connection. 

Gethsemane Prayers

 Gethsemane Prayers express my experience of this deep connection, often in my own words but also in the words of others.  I wrote these during 1996 when I spent a month living at the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky.  This was the home of Thomas Merton during his life as a Trappist monk.

Other Prayers

Other prayers are those that I have come to value at different times and for different reasons.

Faith Sharing

In my work with faith communities, I experienced the value of faith sharing by faithful disciples.  All too often, we expect that institutions will provide us with the answers to the deep questions of human existence.  In fact, those answers, or better, responses come from others who live in a way that is open to the action of the Divine One.  Faith Sharing provides some useful techniques for opening us up to our ability to share our faith and to actually sharing our faithful lives.