Beloved Son

“You are my son, the beloved; my favor rests on you.”

Father, grant me the grace to believe you meant those words for me as well as for Jesus.

It is so hard to believe.

I am weak; Jesus is strong.
I am dependent; Jesus is autonomous.
I am contused; Jesus is clear headed.
I am reluctant to disagree; Jesus speaks the truth.
I fear what people might say; Jesus did what was right.
I have sinned; Jesus is without sin of any kind.
I am imperfect; he is perfect.
I am human; he is divine…and human, but if He is even a little bit divine,
how can he be even a little bit like me?

I know You love me. You have to. You’re God, Love itself.

But really, it must be more like pity. “Poor, pitiful Bill is just a human and can’t help himself.”

Our Father who is in heaven  My Papa, my Daddy, my Pappy, my Poppy, my Dad, my Pop

I am His son.

How is it possible that I am a son, a beloved son, of God?

When You look at me, You don’t see the weakness, the dependency, the confusion, the reluctance, the fear, the sins, or sin.

When You look at me, You see Yourself reflected in me; You see Christ who is God in human nature.

We all look the same to You. We look like Christ: strong, autonomous, clear headed, forthright, unafraid, and without sin.

If I look otherwise to myself, it is because I have become enslaved to illusions and delusions.  Make no mistake, these illusions and delusions produce sins. They are real, too real. But they flow from what is not really me.

Help me to accept my sonship, my inheritance: I have everything and I need nothing.

Help me break my idols, that unreality to which I am enslaved, and enter into the freedom of the Sons and Daughters of God, my true nature.

My true sonship.

My true home, not in the future but right here and now.