Immensity of Love

And so as the fish swims in the vastness of the oceans and rests in the deeps,
and as the bird boldly soars in the heights and vastness of the air,
and as a tiger moves through the jungle with sureness and safety,
and as a bull elk comes to the meadow with power and vision,
and as a dolphin plays in the waves,
and as a humpback whale dives, jumps, turns, and dives again, and as a doe and her fawn leisurely graze the tender bushes and leaves,
and as a mountain goat moves across the cliff and pauses to observe,
and as a pair of coyotes move gingerly across the summer tundra,
and as a hawk dips and circles in the thermals of the heights,
and as a squirrel scampers to and fro storing acorns for the winter,
in the same way the soul rooms free through the heights and depths and immensity of the spirit of God, Love.

With inspiration from Beatrice of Nazareth