What is real?

I only want to deal with what is real, what is real about God, about me, about other people.
I only want to deal with reality.

What is real about you, Lord?
You are.
You are the source of all life.
You are love.
You love all your creation, and especially us.
You respect my freedom.

What is real about me?
I am.
I am good.
I create evil through illusions and delusions.
I am free. I am enslaved.
I am ordinary. I am extraordinary.
I am masculine. I am feminine.

What is real about other people?
They are, regardless of me.

I want to build the house of me on the rock of reality, not the sands of illusion.

“I am God’s work of art, created in Christ Jesus for the good works which God has already
Designated to make up my way of life.”