Spider Web

Your love for me is like a spider’s web.

I can pull away whenever I choose.
You are always there and always waiting to reattach that connection of love.
Because it is made of love, it is free, freely offered and freely accepted or rejected by me.
Chains would be stronger, but they wouldn’t be made of love.
I am enslaved to my idols by chains, but not to God.

Grant me the grace to always see the web of your love.
Grant me the grace to stay on your shoulder so that the web of love will enfold and encase me.
I know that no matter how extensive the web, no matter how old it is, I can break it with the mere thought of breaking it.

Although I know that the mere thought of returning to you is enough for you to begin to rebuild the web, grant that I may never leave your side.


I saw a spider web today on a statue of Joseph and Jesus. It stretched from the face of Joseph to the face of Jesus whom he was holding on his hip. I saw it at sunrise. It was silvery and intact. I could tell that the wind had broken it in the past but it had been reconstructed. The web was heavier on Joseph than on Jesus indicating that the web began on Joseph. It struck me as an image of the love of God, the Father, for each of us.